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Artistic Residence

The Residence at the Barn is an annual action of the Movimento Project that started in 2015. It seeks to provide a multicultural space for gathering, training, performance and investigation in dance. Proposed as an artistic residence with implications beyond the studio, the participants interact in bodily, critical, creative and existential actions. It welcomes a public of interested people and hosts dancers and choreographers from different cultures; this year’s hosting artists are from Brazil and the United States.


The Residence at the Barn seeks to provide a favorable and productive artistic exchange space on Cape Cod and to cultivate new artistic actions out of the encounter of different cultures, training and creative practices, in an ambience of sharing and interactivity among the hosting artists and the general public. Our principal intent is to provide a space for the continued development of contemporary dance on Cape Cod.


Barn Residents dance-video experiments

video, dance, context

blend, weave, inspire,

challenge, reveal, speak


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