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Movimento IV - Paradox - 2018

Opposites define one another, seemingly depend on each other, yet in today’s world, seemingly seek to annihilate one another. This concert reflects on PARADOX in the web of existential and current situations that define our times but defy common logics of understanding and of living. Questions of gender, race, social class, ethnicity, and politics are among its mosaic of themes, where what is individually lived or perceived echoes in a wider range of collectivity. Are we one, or are we many? Are we this, or are we that too?
The concert once again brings together a number of dancers and choreographers from Cape Cod and Brazil in a collective collaboration towards the making of MOVIMENTO IV – PARADOX. As in previous editions of the Movimento Project, the concert guides the audience through various spaces of the Wellfleet Preservation Hall, where choreographies and installations compose this performative mosaic.

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